Angel A Landor Blog

Written by Adam

August 7, 2023

Azshael (Azsh to his friends) is an Angel in the Seventh Flight of Judgment. Across a long career he has been a soldier, an assassin and a diplomat. Among his own kind he is an outcast, shunned for having fallen in love with the enemy. It was a sadly short lived affair as his vampire love Ischae, was murdered, throwing him into a downward spiral.

In ‘Angel Falling’, Azshael finds himself investigating the death of an elite vampire concubine who is found dead on Angelic soil. Her manner of death is exactly the same as Ischae’s and with a grim resolve, Azsh starts to track down those responsible, uncovering a deadly conspiracy and a cabal intent on wrecking the fragile peace between Angel and Vampire.


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