Angel A D Landor Blog

Written by Adam

August 7, 2023

The Seventh Flight AKA ‘The Seventh’ is the last Judgment Flight led by the Archangel Prince Anael. The Flight follows the orders of a celestial entity that they call Excelsis. This great divinity ended the Angel Tribal Wars in an ancient eon and set about organising a new universe and seeing the Angels do its bidding. It also stratified and rearranged Angel society and created the current hierarchy of Throne Powers, Powers, Cherubim, Seraphs, Archangels and Angels as well as various ancillary orders like the Irin Watchers, the ophanim and many more.

The Seventh have brought Excelsis’s judgment to countless worlds, times and races across universes, space and time. They never failed in their apparently righteous task until they met the Succae – a race of energy vampires. In an antique age, the Succae worshipped a pantheon of vile, rapacious and terrifying deities, but after an enlightenment and renaissance of cultural and philosophical thought, they built a new meritocratic society and left their old gods behind.

Caught in an existential crisis where Excelsis may have proven to be fallible and wrong, the Flight’s future is uncertain and all look to the Prince for leadership but Anael is taking his time to decide what to do next. In the meantime, a fragile peace between Angel and Vampire continues on the dying world of Cerule…


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