The war between the Angels of Judgment and the Vampiric Succae – a race of honour-bound demons – ended in a fragile peace accord but the forces of disorder and misrule still lurk in the shadows.


In a world of Machiavellian angels and Bushido vampires, one grieving angel and an ancient vampire war spirit race against time to prevent a shadowy cabal from destroying a fragile peace. 

Background to the Azshael Series

The Seventh Flight of the Angelic Host are God’s deliverers of final Judgement to planets and races across the universe. They have never failed in their task until they encounter the Succae, a race of demonic energy vampires that possess their hosts. The Succae were once rapacious world conquerors who worshipped an ugly pantheon of bloodthirsty deities. However, in a new age they have been through an enlightenment and renaissance, leaving their old ways behind. In its place they have built a new meritocratic society with an honour-based caste system. In a brutal conflict the two sides fought a war that neither could win, and an uneasy truce was eventually reached.

“Angel Falling” is narrated by the angel Azshael – a disgraced diplomat who is asked to investigate the death of a Succae elite on Angelic soil. Azshael is disgraced in Angelic circles because he fell in love with the enemy and his former lover, a Succae consort named Ischae died in the same way as the murder victim. Motivated to find her killer and assisted by the Succae Serrate Lytta, an ancient war spirit bound in flesh, their investigation uncovers a cabal intent on wrecking the peace and they race against time to prevent a terrible atrocity designed to reignite the conflict with deadly consequences.

The Azshael Series

Angel Falling

Angel Rising

Angel Of The Final Hours

Late 2024

Angel Of War

Late 2025