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Written by Adam

May 16, 2022

I thought I would start things off by thanking some of my literary heroes of which there are many. I suppose the best place to start is with the writers that helped inform the creation of ‘Angel Falling’ so here they are. Neil Gaiman and Jamie Delano. I love comics and ‘Sandman’ and ‘Hellblazer’ are two of my all time faves. I loved the way these writers portrayed a darker kind of angel and particularly these paraphrased words from ‘Hellblazer’ John Constantine on angels ‘I don’t know why people love angels – they always scared the hell out of me’. Robert Westall’s short story ‘Rachel and the Angel’ is another fave – well worth a read.

In terms of Azsh himself, he’s heavily influenced by the characters of Raymond Chandler, Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke, Philip Kerr and James Ellroy in the crime/mystery genre and Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Tad Williams and Patrick Rothfuss from the realms of fantasy.

So there you have it! Thanks again for your interest. If you do go on to read ‘Angel Falling’ you have my thanks for doing so and I hope you’ll stay with us for the journey – it promises to be quite a ride!

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May your angels guard and guide you



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