Written by Adam

August 18, 2023

So, I thought it would be fun to do one of these every few weeks where I take a break from writing ‘Angel of the Final Hours’ (Book 3 of the Azshael series) and chat about things that have grabbed my attention in the month so far.

Let’s start with what I am reading – I am currently reading 3 books at once (this is a very bad habit but generally I can’t read just the one – magpie tendencies!). I have Holly Black’s ‘Book of Night’ on the go, ‘Dead Space’ by Kali Wallace (not based on the computer game) and ‘Perilous Times’ by Thomas D. Lee. Proper reviews to follow at some point. I am on the record as saying that you can’t be a good writer unless you’re a good reader – actually, I am only repeating the words of the great Stephen King!

On the entertainment front, I finally caught up with Mackenzie Crook’s ‘Detectorists’. Yes, I know, only about ten years late – which is not bad for me! I love this gentle and melancholic comedy series. It’s clear Mackenzie has a passion for the English landscape, history and folklore and this series covers it all. Film of the month was a dead tie between ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’. Also working through ‘Witcher S3’ and ‘ST: Strange New Worlds’, both of which are highly entertaining.

In other news, I was horrified at the scenes of devastation from Hawaii – one of my big bucket list destinations. I hope that the islands and its people and wildlife can recover as soon as possible, but clearly it will be years before what was can be restored once again. It’s another indication that our biosphere is in trouble and we really need the short term thinking of the world’s major governments to be challenged. There’s a lot of talk but little action. It is harrowing to think that 50 degree temperatures are so close – and with that terrible milestone crossed, further death and destruction will follow. The time for action is not now – it was several years ago. Now we are in crisis so let’s not buy in to the various lobby funded megaphones that vilify protest and protesters. This only continues because we let it!

These past few weeks have been a journey back through time as I saw the same band I saw around the same time 38 years ago (Iron Maiden – my 33rd Maiden concert), saw the latest Indiana Jones film – Dial of Destiny (loved it – best since Raiders of the Lost Ark in my opinion) and made contact again with Steffan Chirazi after roughly the same period of time – one of my oldest and best friends from my school days. We were founding members of the Hollyfield School Headbangers Society!

I also did a great podcast interview with Neo – The Speculating Nerd. His podcast is available on Apple and is a really interesting listen if you love comics, genre movies and TV and of course books. I guested on Episode 92 – Creator’s Corner and rabbited on about all things Azshael.

As of last night ‘Angel of the Final Hours’ first draft hit 30,000 words – so nearing a third done. I think this 3rd book in the Azshael series will be the longest so far so I guess we are approaching the ‘one third of the way there’ mark. If the muse is willing it should be complete in Spring 2024 but I will keep you all updated.

And finally – some of you will know I am the brother of award winning actor and audiobook narrator, Rosalyn Landor. Her latest project has just been released on Audible and is available now – ‘The Pirate Captain – Chronicles of a Legend’ by Kerry Lynne is a great swashbuckling adventure story. Find out more at piratecaptain.net

Be well everyone and may your occasional Angels keep you safe!



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